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Price your menu for maximum profit

Effortlessly manage prices and protect your margin with the Stellar Menus Intelligent Menu platform.


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Here’s how we do it:

Menu recognition

Stellar Menus continually scans your menu to identify the cost-driving ingredients of each dish.

Ingredient monitoring

The platform also monitors the market to watch for changes in ingredient costs.

Margin alerts

You receive alerts when it’s time to consider changing your menu prices.

Update with ease

When you’re ready to change prices, do it quickly and easily, with just one click.

MAXimize Profits

Grow your restaurant and make more money


Understand, set, and protect your prices

Stellar Menus gives you the context you need to set prices in ways that maximize profits by revealing:


Manage your prices and menus in a united platform

It’s never been easier to change prices, manage your menus, and maximize profit. With one click, immediately:

Get the Stellar Advantage

Our user-friendly menu and price management platform simplifies operations, improves the customer experience, and puts more profits into your pocket.