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Frequent Asked Questions

If you think something is missing from these FAQs, send an email to and we’ll answer your question and also update our FAQs.


Stellar Menus can typically be set up and running within 72 hours of sign up. If you opt for POS (Point of Sale) integration, that process will begin after the initial deployment. The POS integration usually takes about 2 additional weeks.

Stellar Menus will pay a $150 SPIF (sales incentive) for every restaurant location we close. Be sure to use the above “Register A Lead button” to register your leads so we know who to pay.

For example, if you refer a single-location restaurant you will earn $150. If you refer a restaurant, restaurant group or hospitality group with 4 locations, you will earn $600.

Nope! Refer away!!

We process SPIFs at the end of each week. As long as the deal you registered closes by the end of the week, it will be included in the current week’s payout. 

Once you’ve earned your first SPIF we will send you a link to provide your details for payout.