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The 2024 flavor forecast: 10 rising hospitality trends for restaurants

A large dining room, plates filled with delectable dishes, reflecting the top 10 hospitality and restaurant trends of 2024.

Another year is over, and another crop of food and hospitality prophecies from the crystal ball gazers at af&co. and Carbonate is in. Their 2024 Hospitality Trend Report has identified more than 30 rising currents across five categories: Design, Drinks, Food and Menu Innovation, Technology, and Collaborations. In this post, we’ve distilled the research down […]

The restaurateur’s guide to surviving ingredient price fluctuations

Menu pricing and restaurant cost monitoring for burgers and drink menus on a wooden table.

As a restaurant owner, you’re no stranger to the ups and downs of swings in ingredient prices. From beef to salmon and vanilla to saffron, the cost of key ingredients can fluctuate wildly, leaving you in a state of constant frustration and adjustment. And you’re not alone in the struggle. Recent search trends reveal a […]

The art of crafting seasonal menus: A guide for restaurant owners and chefs

A table setting with a seasonal menu and flowers.

Welcome to the world of seasonal menus, where freshness meets creativity and customer satisfaction soars. As a restaurant owner or chef, you’re always searching for ways to keep your menu exciting while keeping costs down. That’s precisely where seasonal menus come into play.  Not only do seasonal menus give you a unique opportunity to showcase […]

Loyalty matters: Unlocking the power of a restaurant loyalty program

A group of people sitting at tables in a coffee shop, representing restaurant loyalty.

Suppose you own a cozy Italian restaurant in a bustling city. You’ve noticed that while you have a steady stream of customers, very few return for a second or third visit. You’re not in a tourist area, and you know from patrons that your service, ambiance, and menu are spot-on. What’s happening? How can you […]

The restaurant operator’s holiday survival guide

A chef prepares an eye-catching holiday plate.

Is the holiday season a blessing? Or a curse? For most restaurateurs, it’s both. On the blessing side, the holidays give you an opportunity to generate more revenue and attract new guests. On the curse side, they bring challenges and chaos that can test even the most seasoned operators. We created this guide to help […]

From AI menus to robot chefs: The tech innovations reshaping restaurants

Restaurant technology, like this robot waiter that delivers meals to tables, is crucial for restaurant success today.

Two statistics about restaurant technology caught our eye recently:  73% of restaurant diners agree that restaurant tech improves the guest experience. 95% of restaurateurs agree that restaurant tech enhances business efficiency. Those stats tell us that restaurant technology is essential, yet the stats are from 2017. Six years have passed since then, a lifetime in […]

Maximize your restaurant’s profitability with a SWOT analysis

Maximize your restaurant’s profitability with a SWOT analysis

You already know how fast the highly competitive food industry can change. But did you know that a restaurant SWOT analysis can improve the success and profitability of your business?  When you understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) facing your restaurant, you’ll gain insights into areas for improvement and growth—areas you might not […]