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A restaurant table with food and wine sitting on a plank of wood and a perfect image for fall social media promotions

Boost your restaurant’s revenue: 5 fall social media growth tactics

Although the temperature’s still in the 80s and 90s, thoughts of fall are in the air, with school restarting, vacation season ending, and prayers for cooler weather rising.

It’s also time to consider your restaurant’s social media strategies for autumn

Why bother?

Consider The Smith Restaurant in New York City. With 60,000 Instagram followers, this establishment regularly posts images of its beverages and dishes—and diners enjoying them.

A collection of three images from The Smith Restaurant's Instagram page illustrating how the restaurant successfully uses social media.
Image Source

Then look at Wave Asian Bistro & Sushi in Mount Dora, Florida. This restaurant has 412,000 followers on Instagram and 132,000 followers on Facebook. On both channels, it regularly posts images and reels that generate engagement.

A reel from Wave Asian Bistro & Sushi's Facebook page showing an employee biting into a sushi pizza, illustrating the power of social media to help grow restaurants.
Image Source

Upper Crust Pizzeria, serving up “sort of famous” pizza and chicken in Boston and Los Angeles, is another restaurant using social media successfully.

The eatery has 4,300 followers on Twitter and approximately 5,000 each on Facebook and Instagram.

A screenshot of Upper Crust Pizza & Chicken's Twitter account showing a fall pizza, the restaurant's autumn special.
Image Source

If that’s the kind of growth and success you’d like for your social media channels—not to mention your restaurant—read on.

 In this post, we dish on five social-media growth strategies to boost revenue, build relationships, and engender loyalty this autumn.

1. Fall menu teasers

Does your fall menu offer an Autumn Harvest Salad or Pumpkin Raviolo with Sage Brown Sugar? How about a Spiced Pumpkin Bisque or Maple Bourbon Pecan Pie?   

Create enticing teasers and sneak peeks of your fall menu items to share across social media channels. 

According to RestaurantDive, the largest social drivers of restaurant visits are the appearance of food in videos and the introduction of new menu items.  

Snack food aficionado Markie Devo says Starbucks and Wendy’s are ramping up for fall 2023 by teasing new menu offerings.

a screenshot from Markie Devo's Instagram account showing how Wendy's is giving consumers a sneak peek or its new fall drink coming soon.
Image Source

A screenshot from Markie Devo's Instagram account showing how Starbucks is teasing its new fall menu.
Image Source

If so inspired, you can do the same. 

Consider hiring a photographer to capture high-quality images, and then pair those images with captivating descriptions to build a buzz among your followers and encourage them to visit your restaurant to try your seasonal delights.

2. Fall hashtag campaign

Launch a fall-themed hashtag campaign to share your fall menu items and encourage customers to share their favorite fall moments at your restaurant.

To launch a hashtag campaign, create a new hashtag or lean on or tweak popular hashtags to fit your location or restaurant. 

For example, #FallEats, a popular hashtag on Instagram, could become #FallEatsBoston or #FallEatsTheTavern.

Mantunuck Oyster Bar in South Kingstown, Rhode Island, uses the #AutumnEats hashtag to encourage participation on Facebook. And it works.

Mantunuck Oyster Bar in South Kingstown, Rhode Island, uses the #AutumnEats hashtag to encourage participation on Facebook. You can see that it works as a patron shares an image from the restaurant and uses the hashtag in the comments.
Image Source

The hashtag #AutumnEats is also popular on TikTok and Instagram

Create flyers for your website and placards for the tables to tell your diners about the campaign and encourage them to participate. Doing so will increase user-generated content and create excitement around your fall offerings.

3. Autumn gift card giveaways

An image showing two fall-colored gift cards for $50 to illustrate how restaurants can promote autumn gift card giveaways on social media to bring in new business.
Image from

According to Full Service Restaurant News, gift card giveaways are a great way to attract new customers, encourage repeat visits, and boost sales. 

Consider the statistics:

  • 56% of customers want a gift card from their favorite restaurant.
  • 65% of gift card recipients spend 38% more than the face value of the gift card.
  • 44% of consumers said gift cards encourage them to try new restaurants they would not have visited.

You can also host fall-themed giveaways on your social media channels to give participants a chance to win gift cards, seasonal dishes, or autumn-inspired drinks

To win, ask diners to follow your page, like your lost, and tag friends to increase engagement and expand your reach.

4. Fall food holidays

Four dumplings resting on a bamboo leaf and beautifully laid out on a rectangular plate, illustrating how restaurants could promote National Dumpling Day, just one of more than 800 food holidays throughout the year.
Photo by Huyen Bui on Unsplash

According to RestaurantDive, 53% of millennial TikTok users visited a restaurant after seeing it on the app. And according to Gitnux Market Data, 63% of consumers use social media to find new restaurants or explore new menu items.

Those statistics illustrate how important it is to ramp up your social media activity. And autumn, with its many food holidays, is the perfect time to get ramping.

Check out GrubHub’s restaurant guide to National Food Holidays 2023. You’ll be sure to find a few holidays to work with this fall, such as: 

  • September 26 – National Dumpling Day
  • October 4 – National Taco Day
  • October 17 – National Pasta Day
  • November 9 – National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day
  • November 11 – National Sundae Day

Meerkat Media says you can increase foot traffic by offering a special on the celebrated dish or ingredient for one day only.Promote the holiday and special on social media. Share about it multiple times in the week leading up to it to increase anticipation and give guests time to share it with friends.

5. Fall-themed charity drive

Image of hands holding coins and a piece of paper with the words
Photo by Katt Yukawa on Unsplash

A final idea to get your register ringing this fall is an autumn charity drive to let your community know that your outstanding service and hospitality don’t stop with serving what’s on your menu.

Although it’s no longer fall-specific, the Cheesecake Factory has been giving back with charity drives for many years through its Slice campaign. This year, for every slice of Cookie Dough Lover’s cheesecake sold, the Cheesecake Factory will donate 25 cents to Feeding America. As another example, Wingstop Restaurants is partnering with No Kid Hungry by asking diners to “round up” to the nearest dollar, with 100% of the funds collected in August and September 2023 to be donated to the program.

A vector image of an empty plate with a knife and fork, sitting on a wooden table painted with the U.S. flag, to illustrate food insecurity and how restaurants can help while promoting charity drives on social media.
Image from

Consider teaming up with a local charity or nonprofit organization that aligns with your restaurant’s values and mission. For example, you could support a local food bank to help fight food insecurity in your community during the fall season.

To promote the event, highlight the cause, the charity you support, and how your customers can help on social media. Use powerful visuals that spark emotion, heartwarming stories, and even compelling statistics to tug the heartstrings of your followers and inspire them to join you.

Also, consider offering incentives to encourage customers to participate. For instance, offer every customer who donates a certain amount a discount on their next meal or a free dessert.

You could also partner with local influencers or personalities passionate about the same cause. They can help spread the message and attract more support for your charity drive.

What’s next?

To make your fall season even more profitable, consider the Stellar Menus Intelligent Menu platform. It helps you price your menu for maximum profit and protect your margin by effortlessly managing prices.

Schedule a demo today. We’d love to show you how it works.

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