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Who is Stellar Menus?

Stellar Menus is a menu platform designed to help restaurants boost their profits through efficient menu and price engineering. This section is about or core platform. We also offer Web Hosting (select above to learn more about this).

We help restaurants...

Optimize profits

The Stellar Menus platform tells you when you need to change prices so you can maximize profits and boost revenue.

Manage prices

Did the food costs rise? Are you competitively priced? Easily set the right price and see it automatically reflected in all your menus.

Simplify Changes

Make menu changes once—even in the middle of service—and it immediately carries over to your print, web, and mobile menus.

Increase your margin with data-driven pricing

Our Intelligent Menu Platform tells you when to consider changing menu prices and lets you do so easily across your print, web, and mobile menus. Here’s how it works:

Smarter pricing, better margins

Sales Resources

Explore our sales resources for assistance. Simply introduce Stellar Menus to your customer, and we’ll handle the rest.

Who Is the Ideal Customer?

While we sell to individual restaurant locations, our ideal customer profile includes
restaurants, restaurant groups and hospitality groups with 3 or more locations.

What Do We Charge?

Stellar Menus is $129 per month for a single location.

Multi-location restaurants get their first location for $199 per month.
Additional locations can be added for $99 per month / per location.

All setup charges are waived when customer choose to pay annually.

Our pricing can be seen here: pricing page.

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